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Lesley Williams has resigned

By Elaine Harger
Lesley Williams has resigned.1After 20 years at Evanston Public Library (EPL), most recently as Director of Adult Services, Williams’ resignation is a dismal end to what must have been a gratifying career for Evanston’s until recently, only full-time African-American librarian. It’s also a tragic end, as it might well have been prevented, or at least forestalled, had a modicum of moral support (beyond the financial support of the Merritt Fund for which Williams was very grateful 2) been forthcoming from the American Library Association (ALA).Despite a direct appeal from Williams to ALA, its Black Caucus, Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), and Office of Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services (ODLOS), no support was given except a we-feel-your-pain e-mail. Williams had asked that these groups collectively communicate to EPL:— concern about what was happening there;
— a request for explanations regarding apparent cases of internal censorship;
— encouragement that …

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